First 50 Ambassadors


Thanks for being part of MINISTRY OF UPCYCLING! 

Here is how it works:

You have chosen your favourite and strictly limited Re&Up SWEATSHIRT from MINISTRY OF UPCYCLING



What is happening now?


 We walk you through our idea of MINISTRY OF UPCYCLING and explain the whole story of Re&Upcycling, ReDesigning and ReFrameing the Sweatshirt.


Together we find the right size for you and and fair price. We show you the best customer experience since you bought your first piece of clothes.


Your Re&Up SWEATSHIRT will be posted within 5 days and our journey starts together.


At one point we are going to ask you for feedback, don't worry we wont spam you with Emails and calls.

We love to see fotos from you and your Re&Up SWEATSHIRT at your favourite places. (if you don't like to see your face online, we are happy if you put the Sweatshirt in a nice scenery or in a frame)

Frame? — yes, a frame - the details we are happy to explain to you in our personal dialogue.


Please let us know how you would like to be contacted or simply let us know when you have time!

mail: Send us a email

instagram:Send us a direct message on Instagram

give us a call: 0049 162 61 28 064 


Only 50 Re&Up SWEATSHIRT are available for the ambassador launch and we will inform you on Instagram how many are left.

Our languages available are English, German and French.

THANKS for YOUR support.